Imaging Partnerships Division

Remaining technologically competitive in today’s fast-paced healthcare industry can often be a struggle. Recent reimbursement volatility makes projecting a return on investment for capital equipment purchases difficult.

As a hospital executive, it can be hard to justify upgrading or adding new modalities when reimbursement is down and revenues are bleak. The need to provide better imaging capabilities to your community along with the potential revenue from the additional exams that new equipment can offer are integral to the success of a hospital.

We can help! The Imaging Partnerships Division of Medical Assets Holding Co., LLC (MAHC) provides hospitals and medical centers the means to obtain the latest imaging equipment and generate additional imaging revenue without exposing themselves to additional financial risk.

MAHC’s extensive knowledge of the imaging industry positions us as an ideal partner in upgrading your existing equipment or adding new modalities to your facility. We take the financial risk, while you offer your patients and referring physicians state-of-the-art equipment and examinations. With our experience from partnering with many of the state’s hospitals and medical centers, we can help you obtain the best imaging system for you and the community you serve.

How We Can Partner

FEE-PER-SCAN PARTNERSHIPS – The fee-per-scan partnership is ideal for hospitals and medical centers looking to upgrade their equipment or add new modalities. In this partnership, MAHC assumes all financial risk for the acquisition of imaging equipment, construction and renovation. This option eliminates the debt from a hospital’s financial statement while providing positive revenue. MAHC charges the client a predetermined fee for every scan completed, while the hospital bills and collects for examinations.

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