Medical Assets Holding Company

The holding company for a variety of companies in the healthcare, hospitality, retail, and real estate industries.

Senior Living Management

We acquire, develop and manage senior housing properties, both as a direct owner and for third parties.

Medical Office Systems

We are a full-service Revenue Management Company that can help you find a billing solution customized to fit your practice needs.

We combined local outdoor retailers, Southern Reel Outfitters and Trader Bill’s Outdoor Sports, to bring unparalleled industry experience and expertise, to deliver one of the largest outdoor sports dealers in Arkansas.

We maintain a diversified real estate portfolio that includes residential and commercial developments, as well as land holdings.

We use Radiochemistry and imaging tools for Drug Design and Development. We don't just provide products, we provide innovation and expertise to develop and provide reliable high quality products and imaging studies.

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Assets is our middle name.

At MAHC we pride ourselves on the past, present, and future value of all our companies, and work diligently to grow their success.

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, we are the holding company for a variety of businesses in the healthcare, hospitality, retail, and real estate industries. We currently manage over 60 businesses, 450 employees, $70 million in annual revenues, and continue to grow each year.

We manage more than our own companies. Partner with us.

We offer competitive Senior Living Management services that can be tailored to your specific need. MAHC has developed, owned, operated, and sold senior living communities for over twelve years. During this time, MAHC has built an outstanding leadership team that manages award-winning independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities across the South.
With over
20 years of experience…
We have acquired and managed many businesses across various industries, and we understand how vital good leadership is for success. Each of our companies, as well as those we manage, get daily, professional support from our corporate management team, who are experts in their field. From Accounting and Operations, to Legal and Marketing, our resident experts handle everything in-house.

Our Businesses

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